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Looking for exim data specific to your industry? Looking for new export import partners?

You have come to the right place. Happily Trade one of India's leading Import Export MarketResearch companies helping international traders find the most authentic and up to date data onbuyers, sellers, markets and products.

Find the most comprehensive range of authentic, up to date export import data from the widestrange of industries. From data related to sugar, spices, sweets, almonds exports from India to dataon scrap importers in India, agri export companies and agents for import and export – you get everykind of historically analyzed import export data from 80+ countries. Happily Trade Exim helps tradersbuild the most expressive dashboard and you receive the data in simple pie charts, bar graphs, andstatistical pictograms that allow one to identify chief trends at a glance.

Check ITC-HS codes, customs duties, preferential tariffs, GST rates, interest equalization rates, termsof trade for imports and exports, policy environments, shipping labels, frequency and volumes, andmore. From engineering goods, pharmaceuticals, APIs, chemicals, dyes, cotton, glass, electronics,pulses, rice, sugar, milk, butter, soybeans to tobacco, cement, coal, plastics, garments, jewelry, andmedical instruments among others, Happily Trade boasts of a repertoire of more than 8000 satisfiedclients engaged in trading goods.

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