Qualities to Check in an Export Import Data Provider

Happily Trade November 2, 2021

There are several export-import data providers to choose from that can help your business. Initially, the Google search and the selection process might appear slightly overwhelming. However, when you choose the right Exim data provider, it can be a game-changer for your import-export business.

When a team of experts does some solid market research, you can get answers to some crucial questions about customer satisfaction, market, strategy, and feasibility. If an entrepreneur selects the wrong customs data provider, it can be quite expensive. If data is misinterpreted or the research results are not clear, you may end up making a lousy business decision.

The following are the qualities to check in an export-import data provider:

1. Understanding the Business Goals

It is perhaps the most crucial quality to consider while selecting a global trade data provider in India. To conduct a meaningful study, you should be certain that the firm understands your purpose for the data. The market research firm should have a client-centric attitude while developing an approach.
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2. Relevant Experience

This quality is pretty obvious. You may take a look at the client list of the firm you are interested in. If a firm has extensive experience in collecting import-export data, you can be sure to get real-time, authentic, and accurate data from them. Be certain to check some of their references so that you can get to know about their background. The firm’s past or existing clients can give you some feedback about the kind of data and reports they provide.

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3. Relationship

This is a significant one. It is imperative to interact with somebody from the Exim data provider before you engage it. You will get a sense of the culture of the firm this way. A positive and strong culture is an excellent indicator of how well the team members work and communicate together.

This is crucial as they will be communicating and working with you. You will want to have up-to-date trade data always and it helps when the team members of the firm are supportive and quick to respond to your data requests. Ensure that you are fond of the people you will be interacting with and they are always available for updates and discussions.

4. Actionable/Reporting Recommendations

This is another crucial quality a reputed data provider should have. The firm must go beyond their trade data by drawing inferences and presenting the conclusions according to the context of the client’s scenario. All these meaningful conclusions then translate into actionable items.

Some firms simply offer raw data results. On the other hand, a good customs data provider offers valuable insights into the true significance of the results for the client. You should ideally ask the firm for a sample report before choosing it. Such a report will give you a fair idea of the information quality you can expect.

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