5 Countries Leading Global Trade As Per World Import Export Data

Happily Trade February 2, 2022

It is human nature to compete with one another. After both World Wars, the most significant battles fought were the trade wars. Trade wars between two superpower countries, the United States and China, have recently hit the headlines. However, neither of these countries has given up on increasing their exports. As per the import-export data below are the five leading global trade countries in the world.


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1. China

China is the biggest and most successful exporter in the world. China is also known as a major producer of tech products. Indeed, this factor has persuaded several leading businesses, including Samsung and Apple, to establish their manufacturing units in China. They have a competitive edge in the global market owing to high supply and cheaper labor costs. China’s export sales in the past year are recorded at $2.591 billion.

2. USA

With the largest economy in the world, The United States of America is number second in the list of leading countries in global trade as per the world import export data. In 2020, their export sales were valued at more than $1.431 billion. The States is filled with a plethora of natural resources that help to boost their exports. Additionally, this powerful nation is home to many of the world’s biggest companies, like Microsoft, Apple, Google, and Facebook

3. Germany

The German economy has grown steadily for the past decade. The country appears in no hurry to slow down, judging by their last recorded exports of $1.380 billion. The German luxury car industry is also well-known. German vehicles make up 18% of all their exports.

4. Netherlands

Netherlands makes the list at number four in leading countries for global trade as per global market research companies. The value of Netherlands exports in 2020 was $674 billion.

5. Japan

Japan is the fifth in the list of leading countries for global trade as per world import export data. They supply twenty percent of their exports to the USA, which is their biggest importer. The value of Japan’s exports in 2020 was $641 billion.

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